Our Curriculum Goals

Curriculum Goals to Growing LUYA Leaders

LUYA Leadership Qualities

To develop a global lens and have diverse exchanges. To learn multiple languages and understand other cultures. English and third-language courses allow students to expand their future opportunities in our interconnected globe and to become a citizen of the world.

LUYA Leadership Qualities

To grow students’ sense of innovation and to expand their knowledge through the use of technology. To build a solid foundation for future academic and professional skills. In our CS and STEAM courses, students will become masters of their own learning through hands-on projects, autonomous thinking, and exploration of methods. Learning will naturally become interesting and practical.

LUYA Leadership Qualities

To cultivate a positive and compassionate attitude in life, starting with understanding how to love and care for others. To learn and practice that building one’s character is a life-long endeavor that is based on diversity, good life habits, and understanding of self with the aim of making the world a better place.

LUYA Leadership Qualities

To stimulate students’ individual creativity to form valuable new ideas, methods, and designs. To recognize the importance of training one’s creativity for solving problems as well as for expression of self. We believe an appreciation for art will consequently grow an appreciation for many parts of life, people, and nature.

LUYA Leadership Qualities

To enlighten students to apply what they have learned, to think independently, to be good at asking thoughtful questions, and to know how to make fair judgments. To enhance students’ ability to analyze problems and to view them from different perspectives, as shown through diversification in education and in human interactions. 

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